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About us

Yeah that’s right.  We are a small church.  But that doesn’t have to be a bad thing.  Small churches can provide a level of intimacy of family that might be missing in a larger setting.  That is, by far, what we do best at St. Mark’s.  We are diverse, and yet, close as sister and brother.  We all pitch in as a family when there is a need, as well as share our joys with one another. In a medium or large setting, many things are done the same way, especially for worship, and ‘change’ becomes an evil word.  At St. Mark’s, we are far more relaxed in our worship practices, often changing things from one week to the next.  We celebrate God’s grace by meeting in a formal way or just having conversation around breakfast.  We don’t have bunch of committees, everyone’s opinion is valued as individual leadership.  While we are Lutheran in heritage, our heart for one another and for God, makes our time together much more fulfilling than some sort of religious obligation.  Maybe you can find fulfillment here too.

About Pastor Carl


On June 23, 2019, Pastor Carl Fulmor, came on board to serve as a part-time pastor for St. Mark's. Pastor Carl received his ordination from Living Word Ministry in Blue Ridge Summit, PA in 2016 and graduated from Liberty University's School of Divinity with a Master's in May 2019. Pastor Carl also holds a Bachelor of Science in Religion from Liberty University with a concentration in youth ministry.

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